June 2017- Quintet at the Britannia Ball

Britannia 1

On Friday 30 June Tendring Brass Band Quintet visited the Waterfront in Harwich to help to support the Britannia Ball. The Britannia Ball was an absolutely excellent fundraiser for the RNLI, that was enjoyed by everybody, and a lot of money was raised. The band began by playing outside, welcoming all of the guests, and the rest of the evening was spent playing sets off a range of music to entertain the guests, while the meal was being enjoyed.

Britannia 2

As the evening was themed around “Britannia” we included some well known British music such as  “Fantastia on British Sea Songs” and “Pomp and circumstance”  but we also interested the audience with some of our Spanish Music, one piece known as “Campeonas Cariocas”. The quintet really enjoyed the experience and it was fantastic to play with an audience of such variety. We hope to aid many more functions such as this in the future! 🎶