July 2018 – Tendring Brass at the Tendring Show

Saturday 14th July was a very warm day that welcomed the band to the show, where we played three 1-hour sessions during the day, which all went down very well.
Being sited next to one of the food areas meant that we had a pretty constant passing audience, many of whom stopped to listen to some of the pieces, which ranged from Eurovision songs, Abba, Tom Jones, other pop songs and our signature tune, Everybody Needs Somebody, as well some classic brass band tunes.
It was a very relaxed affair, especially in the heat, and we even had band member PC Matt Harmer, in his police uniform, playing a solo piece, and Tendring District Council Chairman Mark Platt muscling in on the conducting!
A pretty long but enjoyable day was had by all.
Steve F-B.

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