September 2018 – Band Family Beach Day in Frinton

Band members met up today  for an end-of-Summer social. Glorious sunshine and golden beaches welcomed several members, friends and families to the informal event at ‘The Leas’ end of Frinton beach.

Lillybet displayed her artistic talents whilst she waited for other band members to arrive by drawing in the sand, several members of the public stopped to admire the the drawings she created.(see pictures)

Following a mini snadcastle competition, younger members of the band took to the water, including the Chairman David, who, after putting on his racing goggles, was seen front crawling towards the horizon, but then quickly returned as lunch was being prepared.

After lunch, a cricket match was held on the sand as the tide came in, steadily reducing the pitch size. Thanks again to David, who retrieved the ball from over the breakwater (where the tide was in!) after a splendid boundary stroke by Ellie, much to her (and others) amazement.Lots of fun and giggles.

The more laid back members of the beach party watched on, drinking tea and chatting.

A lovely relaxing afternoon to end the school summer holidays.

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