Rotterdam ann Zee (RAZ Band) information

40141779455_bb04553ce8_oRotterdam ann Zee music association consists of music school, youth orchestra, show and marching band and concert band.Our association with them goes back to 2006.

The following, are extracts from the groups website, as background to the concert on the 2nd June. Weather permitting, the marching Band will be performing outside,prior to the concert.


Wind band “Rotterdam aan Zee” was founded 1917 in Hoek van Holland as a wind orchestra for the working class and has had different ensembles during it’s existence. Since 1997 we have both a Concert Band and a Marching Band. The Concert Band performs several times a year including two annual concerts in spring and autumn, a summer concert and the annual “Westland festival” where we compete against other wind orchestras in the region.

The Marching Band has grown in membership and musical performance since it’s start in 1997. They have different performances and parades every year. A few years ago the marching band were transformed into show band performing field shows at tatoos in the Netherlands. Wind band “Rotterdam aan Zee” is a dynamic orchestra with many youth members, who really enjoy playing music together and entertaining audiences.

The youth orchestra is the newest part of Muziekvereniging Rotterdam aan Zee. The first rehearsal took place on April 3, 2009 and since then there has been repeated with great enthusiasm on a weekly basis. Since December 2013 the orchestra has been conducted by conductor Martin Aalbregt. To prepare the beginning musicians to play in the Concert Band and / or Marching Band of Rotterdam aan Zee, they can play in the youth orchestra very quickly. There they learn how fun it is to make music in groups, how to watch the conductor and much more.

Since August 2017, the Concert Band has a new permanent conductor: Peter Habraken.

Peter Habraken (1975) attended the open days of all Technical Universities in the Netherlands at the age of sixteen and after completing his Gymnasium diploma started the Mechanical Engineering study in Enschede.

However, his nature decided differently: after four weeks he changed course and from that moment he studied music! This resulted in three Conservatory degrees: classical clarinet, harmony and brass band (Enschede) and jazz clarinet (The Hague).

Peter has been professionally associated for eight years as a clarinettist and double bass clarinettist at the Royal Navy Chapel. In 2007 he resigned himself and since then he has followed his own artistic adventure as an independent composer, conductor, clarinetist and saxophonist.

As a conductor he has been working with a huge variety of ensembles for years – from classical choir to concert band to big band. His broad and at the same time profound musical interest is also reflected in his work as clarinettist and saxophonist.

As an autodidact composer, Peter gets his professional knowledge, techniques and sources of inspiration from the entire music and art history. And if that benefits the composition, he mixes classic and popular styles with each other’s heart.

Show & Marching Band Rotterdam aan Zee was founded in 1997 and is one of the three parts of Muziekvereniging Rotterdam aan Zee from Hoek van Holland and is the face of the association on the street.

The Show & Marching Band lends its cooperation to various festivities such as Carnival Parades, Lampion Parades and Evening Four Days. The band also performs in France, Belgium and Germany and shows are performed at tapes. In 2015, the Show & Marching Band was a guest at tapes in Krimpen aan de Lek, Ter Heijde aan Zee and Pijnacker. In 2016 the band did a three-day tour where five gigs were given in France (Le Touquet-Paris-Plage and Merlimont) and Belgium (Ghent and Overijse). In all places they participated in street parades and in Le Touquet the band also provided a tap show.

The repertoire of the band is characterized by the fact that no traditional marching music is played. The band only plays entertainment music, including many pop music, most of which are from the United States. This results in a modern presentation that is pleasant to listen to and fun to perform.

Show & Marching Band Rotterdam aan Zee is led by Martin Aalbregt. The instruction of the percussion group is in the hands of Jennifer Heins. Marcel van der Valk is responsible for writing the shows and practicing the exercise.





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