Brass Bands England Course in Wix Thursday 11th July 2019

We are pleased to announce that on 11th July 2019, we will be hosting a Brass Bands England Bandsafe Training event at our Bandroom in Wix. (Wix Ex-Services Club, Harwich Road, Wix, Essex.)

BBE BandSafe Training, developed in partnership with NSPCC, is aimed at all band safeguarding officers. Certification from the course is valid for two years and contributes to your band being able to use the BBE BOPA for Child Performance Licensing.

BandSafe is our accredited training for all band safeguarding officers. The training is a companion to the BandSafe online toolkit, which provides support for users to develop their own policies and procedures based on national guidance given by BBE.

This three-hour workshop, developed in partnership with the NSPCC, has been designed to work alongside the BandSafe tool and will help bands to ensure that they have adequate safeguarding and child protection arrangements in place. All participants will be issued with a certificate of attendance, which will be valid for two years.

The training makes up one of the qualifying elements that bands need to complete to use the BBE BOPA, alongside membership and completion of the BandSafe self-assessment tool. Bands wishing to use the BOPA must have TWO members who have completed the training course.

Full details of this day and how to book on the course can be found on the Brass bands England website, using the link below.

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