Academy moves to Wix Bandroom New term,New venue & New times

We are pleased to announce that our Academy has moved from Chase Lane School,Dovercourt to our Bandroom in Wix, and the last two Tuesdays have been very successful

Thanks to Chase Lane for allowing us to use their premises over the years.

Although our Dovercourt based students have a little further to travel, we feel that the situation of Wix in the Tendring peninsular will be easier for students to travel from other areas of the district.

The Academy will continue to run on a Tuesday night, starting at 5.30 and finishing at 7pm. During the evening there will be group theory lessons and beginners brass.

Following Academy, commencing at 7.15, is our Community Band rehearsal. Our more advanced students form part of this group along with those who wish to return to Brass banding on a less formal level that our Concert/ Contest Bands provide.

Anyone interested in our Academy or Community Band can contact us for further details.

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