About Us

We are a self-funding brass band organisation based in the Tendring Pensinsula which forms part of North Essex. In 2019 we gained promotion to compete in the Second Section of the London & Southern Counties Regional Brass Band Contest.

We are a friendly band for all ages, with current members ranging from 12 years to 80+ years old!

Tendring Brass as an organisation, consists of its Main Band (which consists of the Contest Band and Concert Band) Community Band and Music Academy, supported by a non-playing Support Team.

The younger members of the Band and Music School are an integral part of the organisation, and we recognise child safety and protection. We have a child protection policy and have DBS checked members in our Academy teaching staff.

Likewise, we adhere to the requirements of Child Performance Legislation and work with Essex County Council Child Services department to ensure we comply with local requirements in this area.

Wix  Ex-Services Hall

Our Main Band rehearse at our own comfortable and licensed premises of Wix Ex-Services Club,  Harwich Road, Wix, Essex, CO11 2RY on a Monday evening at 7.15 until 10pm. The first part of the evening dedicated to our Concert Band and the second part to our Contest Band.

Our Music Academy meet on a Tuesday evening between 4:30pm and 5:30pm, at our Bandroom in Wix, for the development of youth and novice players. This also acts as a feeder for the Community and Main Band. 

The Community Band rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:00pm, following our Music Academy.

Antony Sanders was appointed as band Musical Director in 1999, and is now ably assisted by David Rowland, our Assistant Musical Director

We also have professional help and guidance from our own musical advisor – David Johnson.  

What sort of concerts do we give? We play a variety of events and concerts each year, mostly in the Tendring peninsula. Our audiences are increasing, with many concerts now selling out.

Every few years we go on tour to a European destination, with past visits to Spain, Belgium, France, Denmark, The Netherlands and the USA.

How can I join? The band always welcomes new players. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about Tendring Brass to contact us. We have various options for new members.

If you are relatively new to Brass banding, you could come along to our Academy, where you will find an environment of development and learning.

If you are already an established player, you enjoy social playing without the level of commitment of a contesting band, you could come along on a Tuesday evening to the Community Band rehearsal.

For those who enjoy more challenging pieces of music to a contesting level, perhaps the Main Band is a possible option for you – subject to vacancies.

If, after several visits, you decide to join us you will be required to fill out membership forms. There is also a £10.00 monthly membership subscription (payable by standing order.)

Please contact us so that we can discuss the options available to you.