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Bandroom Improvements Project

Special thanks to Ron, Alex and David H who are leading the bandroom improvements project, assisted by volunteer labourers/assistants from within the band and support team.

Phase One

Phase One involves removing/renewing the rotten outer and inner skins of the building from the store room round to the kitchen door. Doing so will create an ‘L’ shaped storage area which will later be fitted out with shelving for all the spare equipment, thus freeing up more space in the main rehearsal room.

Phase Two

Phase Two involves removing/renewing the rotten outer and inner skins at the back of the building.

30th March 2022 – Container on site. Bandroom can now be cleared of building materials and work can begin on the rear wall of our bandroom.

April 2022 – Work is continuing on the back wall of our bandroom. All boards have been replaced and a double fire door fitted in order to load percussion equipment straight into the van.  Many thanks to Ron Scutcher, David Huddlestone and Paul Burnage for their sterling work.

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