** NEW** Bandroom Project

A big well done to Ron, Paul, George Scutcher,Caroline and Antony who completed the preparation stage one of the Bandroom transformation, which involved the clearance and clean out of the Band store room and bar area in order for ‘Bandroom Project One’ to get underway.

Project One.

Project One involves the removing/renewing the rotten outer and inner skins of the building from the store room round to the kitchen door.

Removing the interior wall between the back of the store room/ back of the car, creating an ‘L’ shaped storage area. This are will later be fitted out with shelving for all the spare equipment (thus freeing up more space in the main rehearsal room)

Finally a new wall will be built right across the back of the bar, which then can be decorated and equipped to suit our future requirements.

Special thanks to Ron, Alex and David H, who are leading the project, assisted by volunteer labourers/assistants from within the Band and support team.

19.9.20 Preparation now underway for next stage of work- the replacement of rear wall behind kitchen.Great work by Ron & Carole today.